George & Stella Estep

Estep & Company, Inc. has 32 Subway Sandwich franchises throughout Indiana & Florida.

With more than 44,000 locations across 110 countries, Subway is the world’s largest fast-food franchise. Since its birth in 1965 as a small sub shop, the sandwich king has grown into a corporate giant. George and Stella, CEO and President of Estep & Company purchased their first Subway Franchise in 1990.

Subway Fun Facts

  • Subway serves 5,300 sandwiches every minute.
  • There are 38 million options to choose from.
  • Subway use 16 acres of lettuce every day.
  • the “BMT” was named after an actual subway.
  • Subway was started by a 17-year-old boy.
  • A sub used to cost $0.49.
  • Fresh baked bread gives all Subway’s a bakery aroma.
  • Subway has more restaurants than McDonald’s.
  • The Subway diet actually works.
  • Subway has a secret menu.
  • Subway broke a Guinness World Record. 

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